5 Harsh Truths for Entrepreneurs

Are you stuck in a entrepreneurial rut? Lacking revenue and motivation to carry on? Maybe a reality check is just what you need. Heres 5.

Harsh Truth Number One- Your Lazy

  • People are inherently lazy and comfortable with their average life
  • Your going to have to change if you want greatness
  • Becoming successful means constantly pushing your limitS

Harsh Truth Number Two -Other People Don’t Care About You

  • It’s the harsh truth, others are way more concerned with themselves than anything you do
  • Your not the center of anyone’s world but your own
  • Its your job to give people a reason to notice you and your business

Harsh Truth Number Three- Everyone Is Self Centered

  • People are self centered and you can use this to your advantage
  • Use this fact to influence people by asking them about themselves and their life, they will be more apt to do business with you if you’ve let them talk about themselves
  • Also, stop worrying about what other people think of you- they are likely busy thinking about themselves not you

Harsh Truth Number Four- The World Only Cares About What They Can Get From You

  • People don’t really care about you aside from for what you can offer them
  • Have something to offer that can provide them with value

Harsh Truth Number Five- Nobody Will Hand You Anything

  • You have to work for everything you get
  • Don’t expect any handouts
  • Carve your own way and make your own success

I know this sounds a bit pessimistic, but its a reality check for a lot of people. Once you can accept these truths a paradigm shift happens that has the ability to make things happen for you and your business.