A Celebration of Inspiring Women

In 2014–2016 the Coastal Carolina Women in Leadership and Philanthropy Conference held its annual conferences with heralded speakers from around the country. Among them was keynote: Barbara Hickman Whye. I remember vividly seeing her smiling face on a billboard headed to the airport and thought: “She didn’t tell me this!” But that’s the beauty of Barbara. She is one of the most humble, beautiful, intelligent & balanced women I know. Much like me; or I much like her — we stay on the go. Grass doesn’t grow under our feet long and rarely do we advertise anything. I learned that from my parents and from her.

It gives me great joy as we continue celebrating Mentors during this National Mentorship Awareness Month (the day being January 21,2016) to share with the globe that this year, my mentor will be honored as a top honoree by the same! Click the link for more details and book your tickets and hotels fast! https://www.coastal.edu/women/conferenceandcelebration/2016honorees/

“If I can do it coming from humble beginnings making no excuses for them, rather taking pride in my family’s dedication to hard work and sacrifice; there’s no reason you can’t grab the torch and carry the flame yourself!” -Barbara H. Whye

Barbara can be found on Twitter @steministbarb If you’re into STEM — she’s your GEM! (She’s an excellent coach as well).

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