About Darth Vader and team work

What pops into your head, when you hear networking? For me it always meant going to those fancy business events to shake lots of sweaty hands. You meet agent like stereotypes with fake smiles and listen to their routined blabla. And then there are those jerks… cold, convincing and pretty intimidating. Like the Darth Vaders of business, craving for power and ready to crush your nuts. Do I feel like having a chit chat with them? Well… not so much. I´m more like the kid, who got lost on Vader´s Death Star and is desperately seeking for something funny or candy, while she gets lectured.

But fortunately it turned out, that I had no idea… There is a whole new generation of business people. First I was a bit scared of throwing myself into the business landscape of Budapest. You know… the lack of a laser sword and stuff (yup, I like Star Wars). But I thought I should take my chances afterall, so I signed up for some events and I got surprised.

The people in Hungary are forced to get creative to get the best of their economic situation. There are tons of great ideas and start-ups. Of course there are still enough Darth Vaders. But I met a lot of twenty and thirty something entrepreneurs, who have a totally different approach to work. First of all they think about, what they are good at, what they are really passionate about and then they ask themselves, how they can be of use for others with their skills… of use for other people, for the economy, for the world. Many of them are very independent and only need a laptop and wifi to do their magic. They search for synergies, create inspiring and motivating co-working communities or they just travel the world.

So finally I had the feeling that I met amazing people with heart, soul and interesting stories. And they are actually interested in mine, too. It´s so great to see this life- and work style… and it´s even greater to become a part of it. I experienced a really personal and friendly way of networking, which is about learning from each other, instead of only seeing a competition. And what can I say… Business like this is fun! There you go… 
I said it. I love to network.

Imagine a world, where this is the normal way of working and interacting. A supportive coexistence instead of a constant fight against each other. May the team-spirit be with you! :)

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