Case study: building custom applicant tracking system

Last year we were engaged in the development of powerful recruitment solution for IT company which needed to automate their HR workflow. As the system was meant to be custom, not only we had to meet the client’s enterprise specifics but also design some solutions that aren’t available in the existing off-the-shelf ATS software.

What are the generic things must be present in recruitment software?

  • Convenient CVs parsing. Proper talent acquisition is highly subject to the database of relevant candidates you can build within your ATS.
  • Task tracking. Once you start assessing a candidate, you have to utilize efficient tools to track the entire assessment history and keep everything up-to-date.
  • Team recruiting. It’s a rare case when there’s only one employee in charge of the whole candidate processing. Smart role division managed via ATS is vital for recruitment solutions used by medium and big size enterprises.

In our case, we were solving those objectives along with a range of additional tasks.

Check our case study on this: