Find the right and unique footprint and walk down.

There’re many decisions needed us to make. Many directions from your family, from your boss and from yourself in our life. We all agree there’s one thing is not here: ‘Perfect’.

In many projects or work, you know you cannot finish by yourself only. Teamwork make it. Teamwork means we need to accept others’ thoughts and need to follow it in order to complete the projects.

In my experience that communicate with the vendors, they usually offer the professional and efficient suggestions to me. But what you want to make / build that only you know, they don’t. So, here will be needed to have a direction drove by you after collecting such valuable suggestions.

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At most of time, they, my vendors, cannot realize why I make some decisions that make the cost increased and also make lead time to be delayed. I cannot totally explain whole reasons to them because of they’re not under this brand. But I still insist my directions and face the potential storm directly.

If you ask me how many mistakes I ever made, I will say it hard to count. :)


I never think myself is an entrepreneur. Even there’s no title on my business card and e-namecard.

I just watch the goal-flag in my sight and go for it. That’s it:

“ Always Be Focused on The Directions You Choose. ”