Don’t Spend $5000 on an Amazon Course…

Today, I’m going to save you $5000 (keep in mind there are many complexities to Amazon you will not run into 99.9% of them).

If any of you have Facebook, and have any entrepreneurial aspirations you have seen it. Amazon courses, and the prices are starting to become more and more ridiculous. So I’m a going to tell you to push the pause button on buying.

These courses promise you the world. They offer “masterminds” cool software, and fancy getaways to Vegas, maybe even Miami. Well, I have made this post to steer you in the right direction and tell you everything you need to succeed in the products business.

Upfront Costs

Starting small with $1500 is ideal because you want to test your product before diving in. Of course, shipping and other fees can put a hankering on this budget it may not be realistic at this point in the game. It is important you start with the least amount of money/inventory possible. Do not be a miser, but do not go overboard when it comes to how much inventory you purchase.

Even if you think you have found a great product, anything could happen. Hollywood’s glamorous tales of entrepreneurship simply choose to skip over testing as a part of good business.

If something goes wrong you will need the resources to rebound. So be smart and have intentions of starting small.


To profit massively and have free time on your hands, use FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon is a service by which Amazon houses your product and when an order is placed packs and ships it themselves. You will need a Professional Seller account. It is $40.00 bucks a month. Don’t cry, this cost is necessary as there are many benefits to this service.

1. No having to hold product in your house

2. Never having to buy your own shipping supplies

3. No daily trips to the post office

4. No matter how many units you sell the cost is always $40 (plus fees from each sale)

5. If your product breaks in transit to customer Amazon will pay for it.

6. If you get a bad review because of poor shipping time or handling of the package Amazon will remove it from your listing.

7. If your product goes missing or breaks at the warehouse Amazon will reimburse

8. Every person that buys your product has the option for Prime shipping (free two day shipping)

Create a Brand

Deciding on your niche is the first step of any Internet business. Pick a product category you are interested in or one that you find makes enough money for you to sustain your lifestyle.

The top categories on Amazon are Supplements, Health and Beauty, Kitchen and Dining, and Mobile Accessories. There are other categories, but these are the major players.

Choose a category with low competition your rise to the top will be quick. Choose a high competition category and moderate success can still be very profitable. It is best to aim for a mix of both, although it comes down to preference. A creation of multiple brands might become a must for the more lucrative entrepreneur. Two lower competition categories are “Sports and Outdoors” and “Travel”…you are very welcome.

The In-Demand Product

This is the hardest part of the journey. Luckily, Amazon has a ranking system. This is called the “best seller rank.” Additionally, you may want to make Google Trends your best friend. You can consider any product that is in the 1–2000 range as a good in demand.

To find products past the 100 BSR mark use this search string on Google: “Amazon best sellers rank #200 in kitchen & dining (See Top 100 in Kitchen & Dining)” site:] Replace the desired best seller rank number and replace the desired category you want as well. Sometimes the number you want will not come up, the results will jump around, this is because of Google’s algorithms concerning traffic and the fluctuations of the best seller ranks on Amazon. Amazon is vast and ever changing, Google simply cannot keep up.

Do not get hung up on trying to find the “perfect” product. You want to build a brand; you will be investing in many products. See your products as stocks or investments. Make sure your product is lightweight and small to help you when it comes to shipping cost. All your products do not have to be in the 1–2000 BSR range, in fact, up to 10,000 BSR is perfectly fine. Do your research on regulations and certifications for your product in your country (ex. Supplements and electronics, I do not suggest these on your first go around).


Another level of difficulty, but you can make it easier if you know what you’re doing.

Two ways to source: You can Google [private label/wholesale/OEM (insert product name here)] –or — you go to these sites (a couple tips next to each): When looking at manufacturers use Gold Suppliers with one million in sales. A tip to avoid getting scammed is using Paypal instead of a bank transfer. An extra step toward protection on this site is the trade assurance program. wholesale marketplace, smaller order quantities, not for long-term purchases. Wholesale marketplace, full OEM services sometimes, free shipping sometimes (free shipping is a huge plus)


Trust me, save yourself the headache.


If you can get free shipping go for it. Shipping is a lot to fit in here. But it is not complicated at all.

Courses try to confuse you, to make you think it is difficult, but it is not. The manufacturers you contact will have a lot of experience and can guide you through the process you follow.

Want more details you go to:

Custom fees and charges come when shipping products that have a combined value of $2500. If you are shipping by sea you will need the help of freight forwarder. Google can assist you in finding a good freight forwarding company. Calculate custom charges and shipping cost before it arrives, you do not want any surprises.

If you need assistance, talk to a freight forwarder.

FBA Requirements

Make sure you are not shipping more products than you are allowed to have. You will begin with 5000 unit limit, unless your product is oversized like a yoga mat (then you are limited to 500).

Have your supplier limit any additional instructions or papers on outside of the boxes your product is shipped in. Amazon provides a shipping label; tell your supplier it should be the largest thing outside the box.

Your product should have what is called a UPC, you buy one here:

If this is not present in barcode form on your packaging, you will need stickers applied to the packaging of each item you ship. These are called FNSKU stickers. When creating your shipment within Amazon they will provide these stickers for you. Sometimes your manufacturer will apply these stickers to each of your products for free, or Amazon can apply them for you for a fee.

I usually have my first package from a new supplier shipped to my house first to see if they followed my instructions. After the initial shipment, which should be small, I then ship them off to the assigned FBA warehouse. After correcting the factory you should be able to have them send your products directly in to the FBA warehouses.

Now your Products on Amazon

3 things matter on Amazon, NOTHING ELSE.

PICTURES: Picture quality correlates with sales, this is not a theory this is a fact. Stock photos from your manufacturer are not going to cut it. You need pictures that feature your packaging and cast your product in a professional light. Follow Amazon’s rules regarding pictures like representing the actual quantity you are selling in your main photo. For example, if you are selling your product in packs of two your main photo should have two products.

REVIEWS (RATING): You will need them to get sales. Start with friends and family, if they are not supportive do a giveaway on niche forums and Reddit, get their email address, bug them respectfully, until they leave a review.

SALES: You will need them to bump your BSR. This raises you for keywords your product should appear for in Amazon’s search result pages. After about 20 or so reviews from Redditors, friends, and family then go to a…

Launch Service

The “big” secret courses are pushing. You probably heard of Zonblast, great, but extremely overpriced. A cheaper service to get the same exact results:

Follow up with customers who take part in your launch for reviews.

You are “buying” reviews and a bump in keyword ranking.

Repeat/Diversify your Bonds

Oh, you’ve gotten some success…selling about 20–30 a day now with no ad dollars spend on your part. Good, pick another product and start again within your brand.

Then create a new brand and begin again.

Repeat, repeat…diversify your bonds (brands)

Anyone can do this… it is easy. I even revealed the “secret”… the launch service.

See a better version of this article here: Don’t Spend $5,000…

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