Effective Ways to Attract Potential Customers and How It Provides Business Security through Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective Marketing is highly important for every business. Whether the company is just on the startup in the industry or a medium-sized company; understanding the value of marketing is vital to the business. Marketing will help companies reach well-targeted audiences, boost the number of customers and increase ROIs and profitable gains. Marketing is more than just having the business and brand in large advertising campaigns and attractive logos or banners. It is a crucial part of the business operation that needs to be addressed from the very beginning of your business journey.

A competent and excellent marketer knows how to tell the story about the business and provides reasons for the customers to purchase products and services from the company than from competitors. It is also one of the main keys how the business will attract potential customers. Marketing also focuses on satisfying the needs of the customers and building lasting relationships between the brand and the new clients.

With efficient marketing strategies, time is highly significant there will be a need to research on the proper ways to introduce the company, brand or products to the targeted market. It also requires an appropriate budget that will be used in the marketing tactics. For a business to grow, investing ample time to develop successful marketing strategies is highly imperative.

No matter how small a company may seem, knowing all the elements of the business will help determine how marketers will position the brand and all its products, and services in the market. The five Ps are the key elements in marketing that are designed to help business owners think of the best marketing techniques for your business. In a broader perspective, effective marketing is the combination of various business activities to meet specific goals in build the brand in a reliable and dependable way.

The five Ps of the marketing elements are the ideal ways to help business owners think about the different areas of the business and how it can leverage the value and the ways it can be utilized to overthrow competitors. In addition, effective marketing offers a lot of different views on how businesses can proficiently introduce their products and services in ways that are diversified and unique from the vast number of competitors.

Aside from that, finding ways through each of the Ps in the business can help company owners think of better ways to improve and change the different areas of the business to meet the needs of target clienteles. Here are the different Ps that could greatly affect the marketing strategies:


When it comes to the product element, it actually refers to the products that the business is offering as a whole. Determining what exactly the company is selling to customers is very important. This includes the branding and packaging of the product, its value-added features and the service and warranty terms. Providing freebies to the customers will be greatly beneficial in the marketing strategy. People love receiving freebies from their favorite stores and providing some will ensure their loyalty and added advertisement. Word-of-mouth is way better advertisement than any forms of advertising and promotion. Good feedback from the customer will ensure more positive business opportunities.


The price is another essential element and is referred to as the way on how businesses set the prices of the products and services. It includes all the parts that make up the overall cost; this comprises of advertised price, sales, discounts, credit terms and other payment arrangements or prices that match the services the company offers. When it comes to pricing, it is best to depend on the business’s position in the market. An example of this is when marketers advertise the business to be a restaurant offering budget meals to customers. The prices of the meals should reflect on the advertisements. For a business to grow, it is best to think about the pricing as it reflects in the business positioning in the market.


The place is another relevant and valuable element that discusses the availability and accessibility in delivering the products or services to customers. This includes the physical location of the business, the delivery method and how the stock levels are managed. An example of this is how the product is provided and made available to the customers, whether via shopfront, via the Internet or by having a distributor. For a business to grow, it is best to consider the changes or expansion opportunities to sell more products or services to the customers. As the business grows, the second move would be the expansion; setting up a new store in various locations or offering franchises to other who are interested in what the company offers. In addition to this, setting up an online platform is the newest trend for most businesses today and becoming the sole supplier of products will definitely help in boosting the growth of the business.


The promotion is the element that tackles about all the activities and methods that will be used in advertising the business and all its products and services. All of these include public relations, sales, online advertising and direct marketing.


The people are the most important element of all because it refers to the business owner, all the staff and the customers. This element covers the customer service levels and the effectiveness of communication and training of the staff. It is best to consider the staff and customers for the business to grow faster. For example, the expansion of business has been decided upon and the use the Internet will be the platform for the business extension. To be able to succeed in this new endeavor, the business must first consider what the customers would feel using the Internet to purchase the products or if they are willing to pay for the shipping costs for the delivery of the products.

In addition to this, there is a need to consider the staffing elements. Determining the different skills of every staff will greatly help any business. The company will be able to anticipate the need of providing additional training if their abilities have been properly identified.

What is great about utilizing effective marketing techniques is that it will help the business attract and retain loyal customers. Few people actually come to the store and buy the brand they hardly know about. People are more dependent to the brand that they are used to and introducing new products can be difficult and extremely challenging. What most startups or smaller businesses do not know is that effective marketing is highly important in increasing brand awareness with the target market.

Effective marketing helps in establishing a diversified and unique identity to stand out from competitors. What makes the business different and how it can provide the same quality products or services by using diverse approaches? How the brand is built is one of the most crucial parts in establishing a very powerful and influential brand. Here are some of the questions that need to be considered in building the foundation of not only the business but, the brand as well:

  • What are the target customer’s needs?
  • How are competitors able to meet the needs of the target customers?
  • How will the company be able to introduce the products in a unique way?
  • What are the features that will make the brand stand out against the competitors?

These questions may have already crossed the minds or have already been well thought of by the company owners even before they have started the business. However, most of the businesses have failed to realize that these questions are also applicable to be used as marketing fundamentals. If the business has already addressed these critical points in building their brand identity and foundation, then, they have just successfully made it through the first step in creating a highly powerful brand.

Power Up Hosting’s marketing foundation is built on these 5 P’s. How about yours?