Engaging Consumers: 4 Key Statistics You Need to Know

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times. You’ve got to be constantly engaging consumers to stay afloat in business, much less thrive. You know this. You also know that mobile is big. It’s been on the rise for years, and it’s still growing. But you might not know some of these key statistics.

If you want to engage consumers (you do), you’ve got include these facets into your engagement strategy.

Key Statistic #1

“Click-to-Call” buttons are used over 3,000,000 times everyday. That’s because the easiest thing for a mobile consumer to do from their smartphone is to click a button. Can they simply click one button to engage with you? To call you? To purchase from you? To text you? Is your website set up so that a consumer can get whatever they want from you with the simple click of a button? There’s always an easier way to do something. In practice this will look different for everyone, but you’ve got to make everything on your site — especially next steps — as simple as possible.

Key Statistic #2

Your consumers spend almost 5 solid hours everyday on social media. Where are you? Look, social media’s a big deal. It’s not just a few websites and apps, it’s the current state of the internet. The entire world wide web is now your social networking event.

Snapchat has over 200 million active users. Vine has over 200 million active users. Pinterest has 100 million. Facebook has over 1 billion daily users (who watch 100 million minutes of video everyday). Instagram has 400 million. Twitter has over 300. Tumblr has over 400. LinkedIn has over 400. YouTube has over 1 billion (with 6 billion hours of video viewed every month).

All of these people are spending 5 hours a day actively searching for something to engage with. Where are you? Reach out and hand it to them! Don’t just have a profile, but actively use these platforms to share and engage and grow.

Key Statistic #3

Only 20% of phone calls are answered, which, to be honest, is surprisingly high considering nobody answers phone calls anymore. Email is still a really powerful too, but only 1/3 of emails are ever opened, and that comes with a 6+ hour response time. Text messages, however, have an average read/response time of about 90 seconds. That’s unreal! You’ve got to be texting with consumers, leads, customers, etc. if you want to engage them.

Key Statistic #4

After deciding to actively engage consumers, it could take you about 6 months or more to see any significant results from it. Sure it could take less, but 6+ months is the benchmark. Don’t be discouraged. Your ROI will come. It just takes time. There’s over over 200,000 pieces of content (plus “likes,” shares, status updates, comments, etc.) uploaded to the world wide web each and every minute of everyday. That’s crazy! But there’s hope for you.

The key with this statistic is to know that you’ve got to keep creating and engaging as much as you can. It has to be a priority, not just something you do. You engagements and content have to pool into something large enough that people can find you from out of nowhere. This typically takes about 6 months.

Implementing these key statistics will be crucial to your brand’s engagement performance. We want to see you succeed and grow. If you’d like more information, or to talk through any of these points, please feel free to reach out or leave a comment!