Few Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting in Pakistan

In this article, we have shared few tips which will help web hosting service seekers to find out the best web hosting in Pakistan.

You need to be extremely cautious when you are searching for web hosting in Pakistan as its vital for your website’s health and it’s a long-term commitment. Also, it’s better to make a wise first decision instead of having bad experiences like continuous downtime, server crashes and slow loading time. Choosing a good web hosting provider in Pakistan has certainly a positive impact on your website and here are few useful tips to help you in this conquest:

1. Analyze how good their customer support is

Customer support services of a web hosting company can be a deal-breaker or dealmaker so you need to gauge their responses by asking few technical questions beforehand. What if your website goes down or server crashes and no one is there to resolve these issues. These problems can lead to substantial revenue loss. A good web hosting provider like HostBreak offers heroic customer support which is available 24/7 via chats, emails, Skype and phone.

2. What is their guaranteed uptime?

Another important factor in choosing the best web hosting in Pakistan is guaranteed uptime and it should be minimum 99.5%. Most of the companies are now offering 99.9% uptime as standard. There are various free trial programs available like Pingdom which help you to monitor server uptime. If you get web hosting services from HostBreak then don’t worry about it. All of our servers are optimized to provide guaranteed 99.99% uptime as one cannot compromise on website’s performance.

3. It should offer scalability

Your business will grow with passage of time as well as its needs so if your web hosting company is not offering you to upgrade your resources or plans then it’s worthless to invest in such type of web hosting. You need to choose a versatile web hosting company which offer different types of web hosting, packages and flexibility. We understand the need of upgrading plans that is why we offer different packages of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting. Besides, you can switch to next plan without experiencing any downtime.

4. It should offer trial period

There is no point of offering 14-day trial period as no one cannot figure out how well or bad is their web hosting services in 14 days. A good company of web hosting in Pakistan like HostBreak will offer 30 days trial period. All of our web hosting services come with 30 day obligation free money-back guarantee.

5. It should regularly update softwares and applications

In web hosting market, a company which does not timely update its softwares and applications is considered highly unprofessional and it pose a threat to website’s security so make sure your provider is utilizing latest versions. It should perform regular updates of cores and web applications so your website is extremely secure.

6. Carefully understand the policy

Make sure you clearly understand the refund policy of your web hosting provider. You should know all of the circumstances under which you may not receive your money back. By this, you can avoid unpleasant situations which can occur in the future.

7. It should offer backup services

If your website deals with valuable data or updates at regular basis then backup services are absolutely necessary. Your web hosting provider should offer backup services and read their backup policy carefully. Hostbreak knows importance of backing up your website so we offer regular backups with our packages.

8. Make a list of all the features and functions you need from your provider

When you start searching for web hosting in Pakistan, you will find out every company is offering different features with each type of web hosting. You need to identify which features and functions are essential for your website and whether that particular provider is offering them. The most important are popular CMSs, a SSL certificate and/or a dedicated IP and we offer all of these features.

9. Do not go for cheap pricing

Cheap pricing seems good but it may be due to hidden charges so beware of it. Whereas, expensive pricing does not necessarily mean state-of-the-art services and features. HostBreak offers all of its plans at affordable prices but does not compromise on features.

All of these tips are proved helpful in searching for a good web hosting in Pakistan. Keep them in mind and you will surely succeed in your hunt. When you choose HostBreak as your web hosting provider, you will get innumerable features at fraction of cost.

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