How Can I Get Customers to Spend More?

People pay more for better experiences. Period. If you want customers to spend more, you’ve got to provide a better experience than your competitors. What does that look like?

Create A Whole New World

Every year, Disney Them Parks raise their prices. And every year, more people pay those higher prices to visit the parks, hold conferences, spend time with their family, eat out, and create memories. Why? Because the Disney Experience is like no other. Anywhere on Disney’s sprawling campus, you are enveloped by Disney. The magic, the awesome service, the consumer-first mentality at every step. You’re placed entirely in that world. It’s as if nothing else exists outside those gates! Disney gets customers to spend more, because they provide the ultimate experience — leaving real life for a whole new world.

By creating another world for customers to live in — be it through a physical location or a mountain of content — you can provide an experience that is better than any of your competitors. Why has Harry Potter been such a massive hit, with arguably more brand loyalty than any other piece of fiction? Because Rowling created this whole other world for people to live in. How can you create another world for your brand? How will it look to create that kind of experience which gets customers to spend more?

Give Everyone the Royal Treatment

Virgin Atlantic had no business being in business when Richard Branson decided to start a new airline in 1984. It was a crowded market with a high barrier to entry. The critics were all over it, even Virgin’s board was split over it! They couldn’t compete with the big boys in terms of routes, so they gave every customer the royal treatment. Every customer had access to the airline’s lounge, which hosted free meals, drinks — the whole nine. Chauffeur service to/from the airport. Calls from Mr. Branson himself to check in on the customer’s experience flying with them. First class service on all flights at coach pricing.

They had the best customer service in the business, even as this tiny little “airline,” that they stole customers from all the larger, “better” brands. They got customers to spend more with them by treating each of them like royalty. If you want your customers to spend more with you (than with your competitors), you’ve got to treat them like princes and princesses. Better your customer service will obviously cost more, but it creates the royal experience everyone wants.

It creates the royal experience customers need to feel before they give someone their dollars. Why does everyone love grandma? Because she treats you like the only thing in the world worth paying attention to. That’s what you’ve got to do to get customers to spend more. Give them the Grandma Treatment. Treat each customer, individually, like they are indeed royalty.

Make Their Lives Easier

Why has any leading software brand become the leading software brand? Because they made things so super easy for customers, compared to what was/is currently on the market. They’ve gotten customers to spend more by making their lives and jobs astronomically easier! There’s always a way to make things easier for customers, from the buying process to the day-in, day-out user experience. It’s all part of the customer experience. People pay more for better experiences.

What can you do with your product(s) and customer service to make people’s lives easier? What can you do to make the purchasing process easier? What can you do to make people’s jobs easier? That’s how you’ll get customers to spend more on you.

If you want customers to spend more on you (you do), you’ve got to do at least one of three things. You’ve got to create this whole other world for customers to surround themselves in. You’ve got to treat every customer like royalty, like they’re the only one in the world that matters, like their grandma would treat them. And/or you’ve got to make their lives and jobs easier that your competitors do. That’s how you’ll get customers to spend more on you.