How To Use Snapchat

How To Use Snapchat and Tricks

Ok I am loving Snapchat right now, so much depth in how to use this for your business and personal brand exposure. Get people your friends and fans to start following you on Snapchat, this year, 2016 is going to be huge for the Snapchat app. You can download the app for Android and iPhone here

Snapchat allows you to take snap shots, photos and short videos of what you are doing in the moment. So you can snap your daily business routines, going to a meeting or what you are working on right now. Share your story.

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How To Use Snapchat

Below are some screen grabs of how to get started and practice using it.

Above screen shot of my Snapchat profile. First green arrow — click on your snapchat icon and create your personal snapchat profile, with 3 snaps of you. Give it a try. Secone green arrow — Add Friends, simply add your friends here.

This is the main snapchat screen where you create your awesome snaps. You can simply snap a photo by clicking on the white circle or hold it down to create short videos, give it a try. The top Snapchat icon is to click through to your profile (as above screen shot).

The red shape with the number 4 inside is how many snaps you have to view from your friends.

The above screen shot is your stories, including your own story. You can simply send your snaps straight to your story or send them directly to your friends and individually too. This screen shot shows a Discover area of what brands are doing on Snapchat, who is LIVE and your recent friends updates.

Snapchat Tricks

Here are some of my Tricks I have learnt on using Snapchat so far.

  1. You can add emojis to your snapchats by clicking on this icon and also experiment by making your emojis bigger!
  2. Add text to your Snapchat and move the text bar anywhere on your snap.
  3. You can draw and choose any colour on to your snaps.
  4. Click this icon to change the amount of time you want your snapchat to run for.
  5. Also if you scroll to the right on your snap you will find added features.

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