Is Your Company’s Email Marketing Good Enough? How Andre Chaperon COULD Change Your Game For Good

Really…does your company use email marketing the right way?

If you’re like the vast majority of companies, you have one of two problems when it comes to your automated marketing efforts.

#1. Your Company Undervalues Email Marketing

Everyone in the biz is busy doing things a “traditional” way or simply doing what’s always been done.

So, instead of going into a full on research paper here, I’m going to refer you to this post where I outline the ROI email marketing actually has in the market place.

HINT: 4300% return on investment.

#2. Nobody On Your Team Really Know How To Do Email Marketing

Don’t feel bad, who really does?

I mean, I may be an old fogie, but they didn’t have email marketing at my college business school.

That’s no excuse though.

Someone really needs to learn. So where do you turn? I turned to Andre Chaperon. He’s the best email marketer in the world. That’s not just my opinion.

MANY big name direct response copywriters and world class digital marketers say so.

And he has a system called Autoresponder Madness, a course of sorts. I did a post on it here(a review of sorts). Check it out. Totally worth the investment(not a cheap little widget, so open your mind).

There’s even a free version you can jump into to kick the tires. Check it out below:

You can also see more affirmation of ARM at my blog post review of it here.

Stay Groovy,