If you are a perfectionist, perhaps you should instead become an impostor? At least then, you’d be open to your own fallibility. You’d be open to looking stupid. You’d be more concerned about serving people with your talents, rather than worrying what people think about you.
Impostor Syndrome: 5 Reasons You Should Have It
Benjamin P. Hardy

It’s so great to know that I’m not alone. I often feel like I’m in uncharted waters and while guidance from others and other situations are helpful, they never appear to “give me the answer”. So often I’m left to just make the best decisions I can with the information I have and move forward — waiting to see what happens. I love how this article captures the spirit of what I’ve been experiencing! I’m not alone apparently. I also think that to hide behind perfectionism can be related to fear. If you don’t think its perfect, then it’s easier to not move forward because you don’t have that affirmation. Yes! I can giggle because I can relate to the thought of wondering if I too am an imposter at times. But truthfully I’m just a pretty resourceful person who has found themself to be in amazing business opportunity, and I’m taking it by the horns, and doing my best!