Love can expand your intelligence?

Do you know that LOVE is the only emotion that expands intelligence, broadens visions and enables creativity?

Humberto Maturana wrote in his “Biology of Business” that “If you look at any story of corporate transformation where everything begins to go well, innovations appear, and people are happy to be there, you will see that it is a story of love.”

Then my question is why are we so afraid of talking about love in the business context? Business language is dominated by figures and KPIs, leaving concepts which cannot be defined or quantified out of the picture such as human rights, gender equality, emotions, love….

Fortunately, as powerful as capitalism and social norm, so is individual choice. We can choose to maximize love instead of profit. We can choose to spread love instead of competition. We can choose to be different.

Robert Holden believes that love should be the goal and mission of every business. What is your mission?