SMS for Business 101: Why Use SMS?

People use SMS all the time. The average smartphone owner sends and receives over 100 texts every single day. Gallup has even stated that “sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for American adults under 50.” Impressive!

People spend more time texting than they do on any other form of communication, be it face-to-face or digital. In fact, over 18 billion SMS messages are sent each day.

This research alone makes a rather powerful case for why you and your business should incorporate SMS into your operations. And that’s before we get into the benefits! Everyone is texting.

SMS is an incredibly flexible medium. For any reason you might communicate with someone, you could theoretically send a text. Would you always prefer to text instead of some other form of communication? Well, that really depends on who’s initiating the conversation.

Generally speaking, the younger and more affluent an adult is, the more likely they are to text, and for a broader set of reasons. As with anything else, there are exceptions to this generalization. But the majority of consumers actually do prefer texting to other forms of communication. That’s why its usage is still growing as other forms of communication keep decreasing year over year.

Simple reasons why people prefer texting include its mobility (you can text from virtually anywhere in virtually any scenario), its prevalence (texting is accepted as a standard medium for communication), its flexibility (check out these 101 reasons why you might text someone), and its privacy (no one overhears your texts), among others.

Despite any negativity you might feel towards texting, you need to understand that hundreds of millions of Americans (and billions around the world) find immense value in it, to the tune of 100 messages a day.

Texting is a great option to have for your customers and targets, because it’s what they’re already doing. It would be impossible to over emphasize the importance of meeting your customers where they are.

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