The Sad reality of the small business owner:(

I recently exhibited at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade show and met with many small business owners over 5 days. As I was meeting with these business owners I noticed a common theme and it was that most of them didn’t really have an online presence outside of facebook. This to me was super frightening because over the last 12 months at we have been marketing like crazy on Instagram and have had huge results from this quick visually appealing platform and people just weren’t being quick enough to adapt to the changing of consumers attention. I also noticed that most of the brick and mortar stores weren’t utilizing there online websites as a shopping cart, there is huge potential for these business owners but I’m afraid that they just aren’t adapting fast enough.

“Social Media is a real thing, if you aren’t actively engaging with people online your small business won’t survive the new marketplace.”

4 steps to improve your online presence.

  1. Build a website and tell your story in the blog.
  2. Post valuable information on Facebook and engage with customers there.
  3. Post quality pictures on your Instagram page that inspires your customers.
  4. Be real and communicate with your community on all Social platforms.