Automatically generate beautiful visualizations from your data
Ian Johnson

What if I told you we can offer something better than just admitting that there’s a problem?

While music and movie automatic editing and even generation gets better and better, basic business reporting is still an area which gives stakeholders and analysts a pain.

More importantly, every business needs tools to lower the uncertainty level in order to make better decisions, and a number of industries are more profitable than movie & music.
We don’t need magic, what we truly need is a pain reliever. There will be no silver bullet, but a continuously developing set of tools and practices defining what reporting and analytics are.

We can do better by reinforcing tools like Power BI (which I’m a big fan of) if only we take the following steps:

  1. Start with best practices in visualising data (e.g. what chart should be used to show sales by customer).
  2. Try our best to parse data (this step is relatively easy given the current state of algorithms and pattern recognition techniques).
  3. Give the community a tool, which enable analysts and data scientists to improve report templates and contribute to building use cases library. Businesses of all sizes will benefit from it.
By saying “tools” I mean community-driven template gallery, starting with something like Power BI custom visuals gallery, powered by git , ranking system (voting system + decision support system), and, ultimately, (un)supervised artificial neural networks.
Go build it!

P.S. Alternatively, there’s always a chance that Kaggle or their competitors will build it, but it seems that they focus primarily on hosting heavy duty competitions like building predicting models based on machine learning and artificial neural networks without focusing on building united community.